Auction Theme

  • Katalin Katalin

    Showing 5.7 after having installed 6.0

    Dear All, I have just installed v6.0 (thanks Mark for the update(s) – I cannot even follow them up in real time Under Appearance — Themes,..

  • Richard Richard

    Enable 'contact seller' of an auction when won.

    Any way to disable (block) messaging amongst users until an auction item is won? I want to prevent bidders from directly contacting a seller. I want t..


    Classifieds Only Option

    At January 8th, i bought the Auction Theme only because the option to sell as classifieds or auction. I started to work at this project today (31/01) ..

  • mark mark

    Auction Length in EDIT LISTING

    I have noticed that if you go to edit a listing there is no option to edit the auction length again. Is this something thats been missed? Regards..

  • mark mark

    Update info

    Hey. Just seen the new update is in place. Sorry if I am missing the obvious here but where can I read about what changes have been made? Regards Mark..

  • patrik patrik

    Additional translation – biddingForm

    I wanted to ask if auction theme will have more enhanced translation option. Sidebar:”biddingForm” – my language adds weird characte..

  • John John

    New short-code proposal?

    Instead of a [timeleft] shortcode, which uses JavaScript to display the countdown (slows down site speed), could there be text that states something l..

  • Avishek Avishek

    Buy Now Button

    hi Mark and friends from the community, Thanks for the recent update Mark. I am just testing the updated version.. It looks like the buy now button fu..

  • John John

    Basic Search Box

    How Would I include the Basic Search Box on every page, rather then just the home page. Im pretty sure you would have to include this code somewhere :..

  • mark mark

    Showing Ended Items

    Hi Is there a way to show auction items that have sold/ended on the front page carousel and recent listings block? Mark..

  • Rene Rene

    empty categories cause Error 404 or 500

    Subject Auction Responsive Theme empty categories cause Error 404 or 500 server error. If in a category no items, this error will be issued. Does anyo..

  • Raymond Raymond

    Responsive Auction Theme – demo

    Hi – it looks as if you have a widget on your listing page called Bidding Options – how do I enable this in our site, or is it a widget th..

  • Avishek Avishek

    5.7 – Issue, no image upload tabs for listing!

    Hi all, I just upgraded to 5.7 yesterday. Image upload tab on the listing page seems to have been disappeared.. Is anyone else facing the same issue? ..

  • Filemon Filemon

    copying featured auction "widget"

    Hi, I’m trying to copy some of the homepage widgets to another page. I’m on wordpress 3.8 and using version 4.7 of the auction theme. Than..

  • Charl Charl

    Featured Categories with auto start and end date?

    Hi, I am not sure how to describe this – but here goes: I want to add a product “category” called (for example) 1 Dollar Fridays. Al..

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