Auction Theme

  • Jelmer Jelmer


    Hi all, Sorry I again have a question that I want to ask: why is there no social media connection to Google+ in the General Tab of the AuctionPressThe..

  • Jelmer Jelmer

    Double Menu Showing

    Hi, I would like some help with the template of AuctionPressResponsive. I updated it to the latest version and now I have 2 double menu bars showing o..

  • Rene Rene

    required shipping and Google Maps Fields

    Subject. Add item lists. Fields are required shipping and Google Maps version 6.2 Auction How can I make it that shipping cost and Google Maps is also..

  • Filemon Filemon

    bbpress sticky issue

    using my current theme version (4.7, I believe), as well as the latest version produces this issue. When logged in as admin and clicking to make a pos..

  • Rob Rob

    Registration page

    Hello. This is my first forum post and im not sure if this is already asked or solved. Im using AuctionTheme on my wordpress site and i was wondering ..

  • James James

    Buy Now payment button does not work

    I set an auction up with a buy now of $10 then logged in as admin and purchased the item and the “Pay Now” button does not work. There is ..

  • matthew matthew

    listing display page?

    I cannot find the listing display page in my theme? I am using the auction theme and simply want one page which shows all the listings? can anyone hel..

  • James James

    Negative Amount Balance – Commission Fee

    I’m not seeing an option to remove a negative balance / commission fee from a sellers account. Here’s the problem: I set my site up to tak..

  • Darnell Darnell

    Zip File extraction Problem

    I just downloaded the responsive auction theme and when I tried to extract it to install, it is saying that the archive is corrupt and will only extra..

  • James James

    Help with Shortcodes

    Hi Mark, I was wondering if there are shortcodes for the following or if not are there specific links I can enter in the menu to direct to these listi..

  • James James

    Auction Relist Length

    I searched the forum and don’t see anything on this… but just noticed if a seller setup an auction lets say for 7 days and the auction end..

  • James James

    Listing Page Layout

    I wanted to check out the pre-defined layout for the listing page so I chose it and did not like the way it looked, went back to reset to default and ..

  • James James

    PayPal Error Message?

    I thought I posted a thread about this a few months back but going through my past posts I’m not seeing it. I am still having this issue with a ..

  • Ahmed Ahmed

    Views Bug

    views add +1 when refreshing?!..

  • mark mark

    New and failed Order Emails

    Hi Sorry for asking this as I am a little un clear. What are the New Successful Order and New Failed Order Emails for? When an item sells? and doesnt ..


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