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  •  Carlo

    CSV Import Images

    I am importing via CSV but the images are on a cloud so I need to link to them. The theme only has an upload for the images which means the images get..

    Login Issue #2

    My users are complaining that right after they register and they go to log in they get sent to the catptcha and then have to keep repeating the proces..

    Login Issue

    Almost everytime after I logout and try to login with a different user I go through hell. The only way I can get in after that is to log back in with ..

    Left side column disappeared on all pages

    Accept for the home page which I noticed is separate from the rest – The Search and category widgets are gone and I cannot get them back no matt..

    Home Page Issue

    All of a sudden Page Builder stopped working but just on the Home Page. Is there anyway to get just the original Home page to overwrite the one I have..

    Referral Programs

    Has anyone found a great, inexpensive, referral program to integrate into the theme? I would love to give people some sort of credit for referring peo..

    Problem with install AuctionPress

    After install wordpress and auctionpress theme I recevied error. I set the theme properly but when I open auction i recived somethin like that: (on li..

    Sort By

    I am able to add the sort by to the search page but not to any other pages. I would like it to show under each category page. Any ideas how to do this..


    Having an issue with Yoast indexing pages for the XML Sitemap. It comes up as not found for any of the listing & listing categories. Anyone else r..
    Anthony Anthony

    Footer Issue on Item Listings

    Hi we are having an issue suddenly where the footer does not show or lay right compared to the rest of the site. Please see images in next two posts. ..

    Borders & menu hover color

    How do I change the menu hover color? I do not want it to change colors as you hover over the main/top menu link. Also, there are borders on almost ev..

    mobile AT

    I use all 4 footers in my theme but in mobile view it only shows the 1..I hav etried this exampletype code with different tweaks that through inspecto..

    Add Listing Page

    The Add Listing page does not show the categories. Is there a way to have the categories show on the add listing page so that people can choose which ..

    Theme Question

    I have a site that is running the Classified Ads site. I am implementing the Auction Theme on a new domain. I would like the Auction site to have much..
    Stoly Stoly

    How to make the left section with all the selections to appear to the left?

    I was just wondering, Currently when I or a user selects my/their profile I would like the left section which normally appears for the www../my-accoun..

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