Auction Theme

  •  Dusan

    Paypal payment

    Hello, Is there any video about payment setup when we use house percentage? Does we need additional plugin when we want to use house percentage option..

  •  Dusan

    V9 beta registration

    Hello, I downloaded new version v9 and upload it to themes folder as AT9. When i visit homepage it says i need to register (broken homepage) and in ad..

  • Stoly Stoly

    Ticket posted – no reply

    Hi, Could admin please reply to my ticket. Thanks..

  •  Dusan

    V8.9.7 child theme

    Hello, I switched to child theme and header buttons disappeared. I tried to turn of and on again but it seems it doesnt work. Anybody had same problem..

  •  Akua

    Auction Theme Version 9 – Beta

    I noticed that is was updated very recently – is it actually ready to be used? I installed and activated it but can’t actually see my site..

  •  Roy

    Auction theme search

    I’m working on an auction theme for motorcycles. To search by make, model, style, year, etc., do I import all these items into categories or sho..

  •  Roy

    Multiple commission rates

    How can I set up multiple commission rates? We want to offer one commission level to sellers and a second commission level to dealers. We may possibly..

  •  Dusan

    Different sizes of screen (layout)

    Hello, can somebody help me?..


    Any have work the new theme

    Hi any have work the new theme 9.x and work the add new items ? and send erro same the picture and later send direct error sold out..

  •  syed

    on mobile i cannot see the "Make Bid" option

    Hi guys, I have installed auction theme, but when i open the site on mobile device i cannot see the “Make bid” button..

  •  Dusan

    Page builder – Category and design

    I noticed next things: With page builder Heading added and changed all colors but only font text doesnt change in header on page (background and borde..

  •  Dusan

    Show top bar with login and register on mobile look

    Can i show top bar with login and register on mobile look? It doesnt exist but it is turned on… hypebid dot us..

  • Tal Tal

    Search Fields

    Is there any way to display the list of options for each search item if they do not exist within any listings? I would like to be able to display all ..

  •  william

    Theme settings logo

    I want the logo to be a link to another website. I do not see this option in the the settings/general setup/website logo. What do i need to do?..


    Help in new theme

    Hi any have problem whit the new theme 9.x ? I have erro i have option traslate to spanish and not work and not see where change o r manual traslate w..

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