Auction Theme

  •  Roy

    Video Tutorials

    It seems that the links to the video tutorials in the AT version 8 admin no longer work...

  •  Roy

    Auction countdown timer

    I just noticed in v8 that when I set up a listing, the countdown timer is activated even though the listing is still pending approval from admin. Shou..


    Error or diferent to video tutorial in language

    I try change language and see tutorial but is deferent i like have principal spanish but not see wehre change and not all see for traslate all..

  •  Roy

    Delete Taxonomy Terms

    I have two taxonomies; Make and Model. I imported the terms with the BulkPress plugin. After working on the site for several weeks I realized that som..

  •  Misbaudeen

    How can users edit their listing

    Hi How are users able to edit their listing in version 9 as their is no place to do so?..

  •  Roy


    Do you have any tutorials on the PremiumPress plugins to Elementor? Specifically I am wondering how the Taxonomy Page modules should be used...

  •  Roy

    Shipping method for Auction Theme

    Does anyone know of a plugin that will work for adding shipping methods? This is pretty important. When someone lists their item it’s difficult ..

  •  Roy

    User restriction

    Is there any way to restrict registration to users from the USA only?..

  •  Daniel

    Add Adress to the register form

    Hi I just wanna ask if it’s possible to add custom fields to the register form? It would be nice if the customers can add their city and the str..

  •  Roy

    Discount coupons

    Can we create discount coupons within this theme? I want to be able to offer certain customers a discount on their membership fee...

  •  Roy

    Member needs to ad more images to listing

    In version 8 how can a member add more images after they have already submitted their listing? Is this possible to do without having to do it from the..

  •  Roy

    Shortcode in Elementor template

    I tried adding shortcode to the Elementor Single Listing Page template but it does not display. It outputs the shortcode instead of the custom field d..

  •  Roy

    Custom Options on listing page

    In version 8 the custom options are displayed inside the Details tab on the listing page. Why aren’t they displayed on the listing page on versi..

  •  Roy

    Bulk import

    Do you have any tips on how to bulk import auction listings (including the photos). Also, how can I batch approve listings?..

  •  Roy

    AT9 Search Results

    How can I edit the Search Results to display in list mode instead of grid?..


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