Auction Theme

  •  Reinald

    buy now and shipping

    Did i understand that right : The auction Theme has no “shipping options” and no “buy now” option ? If true, its a waste of ti..

  •  Roy

    Buy It Now

    Where do I set the Buy It Now option vs. listing as an auction?..

  • Kenneth Kenneth

    How do you edit Home page in V 9.x?

    I can’t seem to figure out how to update the home page. The “home page content” in Design setup only contains “Footer Boxes..

  •  Bård

    Translation problems

    Where do I change the currency characters and the text on the countdown icons. See photo. I have auction template...

  •  ilker

    Auction Theme 9 Design Problem

    hi i add premimum press theme and AT9 theme too. but i could not design setup which at the video. my design setup page is empty there is not any colum..

  •  Dusan

    User credits

    Hello, Can be user credits used to buy thing or just for house fee? Thank you..

  •  Dusan

    Add shorcode

    Hello, I made page template using Page Builder and i wonder is any way adding shortcode from another plugin using page builder? P.S I can switch to wp..

  •  Dusan

    404 template errors

    Hello, I inspected home page using Google Chrome and get several 404 errors. body background image url in child theme css because img folder doesnt ex..

  •  Dusan

    V8 Add listing page password

    Hello, Can be Add Listing page be protected with password so that only users who have password can access it without using plugin? I know there is mem..

  •  Dusan

    CSS changing background

    Add listing page tryouts. I changed Panel title color to white, Button background color in Listing enhacement widget and all good while im logged in. ..

  •  Dusan

    Page builder – Listing slider preview

    Hi, When i click on listing slider icon to preview image of wanted item i get photos in lightbox gallery multiplied. I uploaded 4 5 photos but slider ..

  •  Roy

    AT9 Search

    Where are the Search setting for Auction theme version 9. I was having problems with v8 and support suggested that I install version 9. I set up a new..

  •  Aleksei

    How do I remove the prettyphoto deeplink?

    I want to make changes in pretty photo js files to set deeplinking parameter to false, so the browser back button could work properly. Where can I fin..

  •  Dusan

    Adding image to Email template

    Hi, I just tested email and cant add photo to email using add media button. It can be added by pasting link directly and in test mode all text and ima..

  •  Dusan

    Paypal payment

    Hello, Is there any video about payment setup when we use house percentage? Does we need additional plugin when we want to use house percentage option..

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