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  •  Craig

    Email Sent Twice

    When using the ‘Auction Finished + Winner (Seller)’ email in the ‘Email Assignment’ area, the seller is sent the email once bu..

    Bug in Buy it now: Solved

    There is a bug that causes auctions not to end when a user clicks buy it now. After a user has clicked buy it now, a second user can go to that auctio..
    steven steven

    bug with buy it now

    Hi guys i have a fairly urgent issue. I created a test listing for buy it now. i purchased the listing all payments went through etc.. However the lis..
    Andre Andre

    Disable bid increments

    Hello, I would like to disable the $1 bid increment so the max bid would instantly show For example: – If the current price is $500 – Some..

    Listing HTML

    If a user is using HTML to list an item how does he go back in to edit the listing?..

    Category Price Update

    I see where you can charge a universal price for all of the Categories. Then I see where you can update and charge more for particular Categories and/..

    2nd Category Widget

    Is it possible to set up a second Category widget with totally separate categories as the first one I have?..

    Location Won't set.

    I cannot reset the location of the website of where it says I am. I think it says I’m in Afghanistan!!! If that’s right PLEASE get me out ..

    Email System Issues

    For some reason I cannot load System Emails>Email Settings I get an empty box Email List Widget I can only see confirmed users folder.The others I ..

    Categories Missing

    I have a few categories missing from the widget on my home page but they are present in the same widget found on other pages. Whats up with that?..

    Mobile Device Question

    When looking at the site from a phone I get this. How do I get my logo to appear where it says Mobile Web?..

    How displaying reviews on a custom page

    Hi, I added such a code on the buddypress profile page <?php echo _user_trustbar($authorID, ‘inone’); ?> the bar is displayed but do..
    Stoly Stoly

    Listings widget?!

    Okay, How do I make it that this widget which appears shows the oldest listings on the top of it’s widget menu, then newest to the bottom? Also ..

    Listings carousel

    I must be blind. There is a listing carousel on the listing page (same page that the user can edit the listing). On the demo you have that same carous..

    Category Widget…Again

    Is there any way to decrease the Height of the Cells in the Category Widget? I’d like the height to be about half of what it is...

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