Auction Theme

  •  Hesham

    I do not see any message to tell the seller that he must pay commission.

    I know commission is calculated for Normal Auction based on a percentage that is determined by Admin, but for Buy Now auction, when is the commission ..

  •  Keegan

    * Enter Quantity *

    Hi, Is there a plugin or something to allow me to enter in an amount the customer can purchase. With the new cool paint job that has been done on the ..

  •  Keegan

    Listing Enhancements

    Hi When i had an earlier version of auction theme, i have multiple listing enhancements that i could charge customers for. Such as > > Featured ..

  •  Keegan

    My Account Page not displaying

    Hi, When I go to My Account page, it shows: [auction_theme_my_account] Nothing else Is this the correct shortcode? Thanks Keegan..

  •  Roy

    Bulk import

    Do you have any tips on how to bulk import auction listings (including the photos). Also, how can I batch approve listings?..

  •  Joze

    Elementor Homepage not same as deafult homepage.

    I like default hompage look, but I can’t edit it. So I did install homepage in elementor and set up as homepage. I did try to setup this place l..

  •  NG

    Auto Location Detection not working

    When i open my site then little popup appear at top left corner “Know your location”. But website not detect location after clinking on al..

  •  Misbaudeen

    Wow! Thats alot, please enter a more realitic bid amount.

    Hi When i try to bid now, I see this message show. Why is this and what is the issue? Thanks..

  • David David

    Elementor widgets not working.

    I have two widgets that are not working when I add them to my template. The image gallery widget and featured listings widget not working for me. I ha..

  •  Ibrahim

    Number of displayed items in category page

    Hello, There are 12 items only displayed on the category page. How is it possible to change that? If coding is needed, kindly let me know where to mod..

  • David David

    Elementor Auctions widget grid style

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone help with my responsive layout. When I add the auctions widget from elementor it doesn’t display in grid style ..

  •  John

    Is it possible to have a different length for auctions and buy now?

    Is it possible to have a different length for auctions and buy now? I’d like to offer a 90 day option for buy now and 30 day for auction. At the..

  •  John

    Buy now listing showing CURRENT BID $0

    I’ve just started using the auction theme and I’m having a bit of trouble with the buy now listings. When a user lists a product with a bu..

  •  Roy

    Multiple listing packages

    In Version 8 I had several listings packages because there are several custom fields that only apply to each listing package. Now in version 9 it look..

  •  Roy

    Login / Register page edit text

    Which file do I edit to change the text on this login/registration page?..


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