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  •  Carlo

    What's going on?

    Can anybody tell me why the live chat has been down for such a long time and why questions aren’t being answered for days and weeks? I looked ar..

    No plugins link in dashboard

    Hi, i wanted to add payment gateways but there is no plugins link in dashboard. I have a superadmin account. Please help..

    Main Background Image

    When going into Theme Setup -> Page Setup -> Edit Page Content, the main banner block has a background image, Background Image (size: 1150px / 4..
    Stoly Stoly


    Why does’t the username of the sender in a message appear when someone receives an email? How do I fix this? See attached image...
    Stoly Stoly


    I tried changing from post type to Plain, though I was getting 404 error messages. How can I set it to Plain with the site still working?..
    Stoly Stoly

    Drop down box

    I was just wondering, what is the max results display for one custom field when you select the drop down box from the Adv. search widget?..
    Stoly Stoly

    how do I get rid of feedback box?

    I don’t want feedback to appear anywhere once an item has been purchased. See attached image...

    Email Templates

    When an auction is finished I want to send an email the successful bidder. Whats the shortcode to retrieve his username and email address or is the em..


    Where would I look for the CSS to change the fact that the registration form always shows all capitals. It is confusing to our users. Is the system no..

    Payment Options?

    I have the users becoming subscribers by default when they register. I believe this is the way the Theme was set up when I got it. I just noticed that..
    Stoly Stoly

    How do I remove the magnifying glass on mobile view for the listings?

    How do I remove the magnifying glass on mobile view for the listings? It’s when you touch/tap the image and then another popup window opens up t..

    CSV Import Images

    I am importing via CSV but the images are on a cloud so I need to link to them. The theme only has an upload for the images which means the images get..

    Login Issue #2

    My users are complaining that right after they register and they go to log in they get sent to the catptcha and then have to keep repeating the proces..

    Login Issue

    Almost everytime after I logout and try to login with a different user I go through hell. The only way I can get in after that is to log back in with ..

    Left side column disappeared on all pages

    Accept for the home page which I noticed is separate from the rest – The Search and category widgets are gone and I cannot get them back no matt..

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