Auction Theme

  •  Roy

    Member needs to ad more images to listing

    In version 8 how can a member add more images after they have already submitted their listing? Is this possible to do without having to do it from the..


    Error or diferent to video tutorial in language

    I try change language and see tutorial but is deferent i like have principal spanish but not see wehre change and not all see for traslate all..

  •  Roy

    Shortcode in Elementor template

    I tried adding shortcode to the Elementor Single Listing Page template but it does not display. It outputs the shortcode instead of the custom field d..

  •  Roy

    Custom Options on listing page

    In version 8 the custom options are displayed inside the Details tab on the listing page. Why aren’t they displayed on the listing page on versi..

  •  Roy

    Bulk import

    Do you have any tips on how to bulk import auction listings (including the photos). Also, how can I batch approve listings?..

  •  Roy

    AT9 Search Results

    How can I edit the Search Results to display in list mode instead of grid?..

  •  Roy

    Shipping method for Auction Theme

    Does anyone know of a plugin that will work for adding shipping methods? This is pretty important. When someone lists their item it’s difficult ..

  •  Roy

    Advanced search template is incorrect

    The advanced search page template in the AT9 theme is loading realty search info. WTH? See the screenshots...

  •  Roy

    AT9 Search

    Where are the Search setting for Auction theme version 9. I was having problems with v8 and support suggested that I install version 9. I set up a new..

  •  Roy

    Membership redirect

    I have 2 questions related to the Membership Package Purchase 1.How can I redirect the Membership Package SELECT buttons to go to the Register page in..

  •  Roy

    AT9 email

    Where are all of the email templates? There were several in version 8 but I only see a few in AT9...

  •  Jesper

    Bid on your own auctions

    Hi, I have began to test some stuff out after alot of struggle with the translations to work on mobile devices(fixed). The problem i found now is that..

  •  Roy


    Do you have any tutorials on the PremiumPress plugins to Elementor? Specifically I am wondering how the Taxonomy Page modules should be used...

  •  Jesper

    The flag to change language

    Hi, I bought the Auction Theme last night and have been translating it to my language for a few hours today. I wonder if it’s possible to set th..

  •  Roy

    Auction theme search

    I’m working on an auction theme for motorcycles. To search by make, model, style, year, etc., do I import all these items into categories or sho..


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