Basic Framework Plugins

  •  Na

    Is the plugin wpDiscuz compatible with premiumpress themes?

    I installed wpDiscuz on some of the premiumpress themes but they only show original comment box but not the wpDiscuz one. Any idea?..

  •  Kok Fee

    Cannot customize via Search Setup

    Hello Josh, I am using core theme and the customization in Search Setup are not working. The tutorial video shows a plus sign at the right of each fie..

  • Arkadiusz Arkadiusz

    Conditional Submit Form Plugin

    Hi , I am looking for the plugin that displays in submission form different costume fields according to which category is selected . I know there was ..

  •  Mitchell

    Downloaded appthemes transfer plugin v 1.0 has 2 problems

    1. Says there is an update and it fails when trying to update 2. Most important it doesn’t work and only option in dropdown says Clipper and I d..

  •  Mark

    How To Refresh The Website Screenshot Capture?

    We’ve a number of listigns created that have no image. We’d like to update the screenshot image automatically. Is this possible?..

  •  IMRAN

    What are Tracking ID & Custom ID for ePN (eBay Partner Network)?

    I have created ebay affiliate account successfully. Now, what are Tracking ID and Custom ID that I’ll use to start using in eBay Import Plugin? ..

  •  David

    Adding an Image to [FIELDS] shortcode

    Q1. As seen in the documentation the docs the [FIELDS] shortcode is used to output custom fields. Is there a way so that I can add a custom field for ..

  •  Manmohan

    where can i get new homepage builder plugin

    where can i get new homepage builder plugin since earlier versions of PremiumPress themes has been discontinued..

  •  David

    widget customizations for advance search widget

    I want to modify how the content is outputted for the categories part of the advance search widget, I found the advance search widget class in DT/fram..

  • SchaOn SchaOn

    Website Screenshot Capture

    This plugin is no longer working. The plugin website says version 1.6, but after installing it says version 2.0? This makes it were the directory list..

  •  Brenda

    where is the homepage builder plugin?

    I’ve looked at the plugins and I don’t see the homepage builder plugin. There is no way to search the plugins to find this one. I’m ..

  • Tobias Rye Jensen Tobias Rye Jensen

    Terms & condition plugin

    Hey guys I’ve installed the Terms & condition plugin from the theme. But how can i change the plugin, so it doesn’t keep asking the us..

  •  Mirko

    CSV Import – DirectoryPress

    Hi, I have two problems with your CSV import plugin … First I can not find any documentation on how the ‘image_array’ field works (&..

  •  Ehizogie

    Recent listing no longer appear on mobile homepage (space blank)

    Hello There, Please I need help to resolve any issue on my (website Since the upgrade, I have noticed the space where recent list..

  •  Dane

    Can't Upload Photos?

    Hello, I am trying to upload media on a page with the PremiumPress Page Builder. However, when I select the “Add Media” button, the media ..


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