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  • Nick Nick

    GDPR and themes signup forms

    I would like to know if the signup forms on all the theme will be updated to comply with rules of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?..

  • leslie leslie

    directory theme v9 header colour

    Hi, does anyone know how to alter the header background on the new v9 directory theme. I want to either alter the colour or add a picture background. ..

  •  Gordon

    Why do I only get three options for Add Object' in Page Builder (Coupon Theme)?

    I am using Page Builder to create a new home page, and when I add an object to a row, I only get three options (2 Headers, 3 Text and 5 Images)...

  • Frank Frank

    VIP Member Question: Should I be using the old page builder in Version 9 ?

    I like most of the features in the old page builder. Will the new page builder have those features? I did not notice them. Should I continue using the..

  • steven steven

    Comment Spam

    Hi there, I have the Shop theme, I searched on the forum to turn the comments off, I used the CSS to remove the option as recommended by others, the b..

  • Mark Fail Mark Fail

    Framework 9.1.2 – Bugs & Issues – Please post here.

    Hi Guys If you find any bugs and issues with the new version 9.1.2 themes please let me know and i will update this thread making it easier to see wha..

  • Steven Steven

    Google Maps API – Changes June 2018 – Add Payment Method

    Hello All, I wanted to ask about the NEW Google maps requirements coming up in June, 2018. Google wants people to register and add a credit card for p..

  • naveen naveen

    Need Help For My Site

    Hello Members, Can you please check my site in mobile. And let me know is menu working in mobile site because i checked menu ..

  •  Eyal

    Need sombody to configue the site

    is there somebody that can configure the site for me, with pay of course. im willing to pay somebody that will configure a site. im not asking for new..

  • Dan Dan

    Version 8.x/9.x

    I admit I haven’t been here in a long time… but I can’t seem to find where I can get the latest 8/9 versions of coupons, classifieds..

  • steven steven

    Amazon Import Plugin

    Can someone help me, can i speed up the update process, a user clicked on a product, went to Amazon and it was out of stocked i checked it myself. On ..

  • Clive Clive

    Amazon Updating

    When Shopperpress updates product prices is this done automatically or is there some configuration required within Shopperpress or WordPress. Is a cro..

  • Kiran Kiran

    Version 9 Sneak Peek

    Hi, Here is the sneak peek of version 9 themes starting with Real Estate. We will be having a blog post by Mark Fail soon about everything we need to ..

  •  Kesler

    Which are the fields on database to set up a new suscription?

    Hello, I am using the Auction Template. I am not working wih Paypal, but ePayco which is a colombian payment gateway. It has not plugin for WordPress...

  • Liz Liz

    You MUST always use a child theme Here's Why?

    Child Themes – A Basic Explanation for Beginners What is a Child Theme? A child theme is simply a theme that inherits the functionality and look..


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