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  • steven steven

    Amazon Import Plugin

    Can someone help me, can i speed up the update process, a user clicked on a product, went to Amazon and it was out of stocked i checked it myself. On ..

  • Clive Clive

    Amazon Updating

    When Shopperpress updates product prices is this done automatically or is there some configuration required within Shopperpress or WordPress. Is a cro..

  • Ramon Ramon

    The Long Wait is Over…?

    Well it’s finally arrived – the date for the first release of the version 9 framework. We were looking forward to this back in November 20..

  • Kiran Kiran

    Version 9 Sneak Peek

    Hi, Here is the sneak peek of version 9 themes starting with Real Estate. We will be having a blog post by Mark Fail soon about everything we need to ..

  •  Kesler

    Which are the fields on database to set up a new suscription?

    Hello, I am using the Auction Template. I am not working wih Paypal, but ePayco which is a colombian payment gateway. It has not plugin for WordPress...

  • Liz Liz

    You MUST always use a child theme Here's Why?

    Child Themes – A Basic Explanation for Beginners What is a Child Theme? A child theme is simply a theme that inherits the functionality and look..

  •  peter

    User setup registration issue

    I’m using Vacation Time theme. In User Setup, Registration I see message “Registration on/off options are part of WordPress Network settings”. I..

  • Liz Liz

    BACK UP Your site Before Updating WITH THIS FREE PLUGIN

    Never Update or Upgrade any Website or Theme without backing up first UpdraftPlus is a FREE and Premium Plugin. You only need the FREE Version. What D..

  • Jason Jason

    PremiumPress is an UNSECURED WEBSITE & why ?

    Question is quite simple PremiumPress is an UNSECURED WEBSITE & why ?..

  • Iason Iason

    Reinstallation of WAMP, WordPress (Premiumpress – Directory Theme), Localhost

    Hi, I posted a topic yesterday but none answered. It’s funny that no one replied so I will ask again because I must come to a solution fast. A f..

  • Frank Frank

    Star Ratings, one vote per IP address

    Can anyone tell me if our Star Rating is based on user’s IP address? For example, every time a user rates a business, the system records the IP ..

  •  Engin

    New release dates

    for planing my site uprade times, is it possible to write release dates for themes. In one of the topic has been said that in Feb but which theme? All..

  • Frank Frank

    Banner Advertising by IP address or GEO Location

    I suspect that my request will probably have to be a plugin. I run a directory listing site. but my question applies to ..

  • John John

    Query Strings

    How would I be able to create a custom query string that sorts posts based on the # of “hits” they have? I am using the responsive auction..

  • Keith Keith

    28th February 2018 and no Version 9

    Firstly I want it to be understood that this posting is made in good spirit. I have no doubt Version 9 will be good, the market is ready for it but, s..

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