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  • James James

    RSS Still available

    Are RSS feeds of the forum threads still available? Jim..

  • Nico Nico

    Old Forum Posts

    Where can we find the old forum posts, they contain a lot of tips & tricks. Can’t do without it when i begin from scratch (again)...

  •  Wayne

    Products question

    Say I have a small and large item and I want to set up the pricing a small for $5 and a large for $10. How can I do that without adding each product s..

  • Brandon Brandon

    PHP Memory Limit

    I need to know what amount is best for my Memory Limit. I was told by my Hosting company, my max is 256. Should I set the limit to 256. Is there any r..

  •  Dirk

    Different design

    I would like to have only one side (_single.php) of a different design. how and where can I make the changes in the theme? For example no header or no..

  • Ian Ian

    Where to add profile picture?

    I know it’s there somewhere but I can’t find it…..

  • Andy Andy

    Jobs Section

    I’m looking for some help with coding on my site, unfortunately though, since the crash, the jobs section has gone. Can anybody recommend a solu..

  •  Thomas

    FTP Issues

    I am having issues on my mac, however I will say I am not at all familiar with FTP. I dragged the unzipped theme folder from my computer to the ‘..

  • Michal Michal

    Auto updates

    Since the forum is gone I need to ask you if there is any option to switch off aoutmatic updates? I have done so much with my sites that I do not want..

  • Brandon Brandon

    W3C Validation Service

    Anyone have any ideas on how I can get my 23 Errors fixed. I do not know how to Code but really would like my Errors fixed before I release my site li..

  • Richard Bonk Richard Bonk

    Big Time Crush

    Dear Members, As you are already aware, the PremiumPress servers experienced a hardware failure and the whole forum was wiped out. Please, help us reb..

  • Richard Richard

    Edit maps zoom on classified page

    I am sure this one is posted before but since the database has some issues i am forced to post it again. I want to change the maps zoom on the single ..

  • Ian Ian

    Recent Posts

    I miss the recent posts link..

  • Stojan Stojan

    Site design and development – Child themes

    Hi everyone, I would first like to say the new forum layout and site looks good, well done Mark! Ok. I need some good solid advice and help from every..

  • Jackie Jackie

    website image capture

    I am having hard time in capturing website image of on of my listings. Am I doing anything wrong? website address:

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