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  • magdalena magdalena

    Ignore/delete this please :)

    Hey, I have migrated my site to another host recently, and all went well except the main image for each listing is not showing up, all the others are ..

  • Dan Dan

    ShopperPress Product Images

    I cannot get the images to show on the product page. I’ve uploaded them via wordpress, etc. Not sure why they do not appear? Any ideas? http://k..

  • Jeffrey Jeffrey

    How to Identify "Featured" listings from backend

    As the topic suggests, I was wondering if there is an easier way to identifiy which of my listings are “Featured” when I am managing my &#..

  • Tony Tony


    Just want to say how much I love this theme. You all have one great product. Cannot say enough great things about it. Thanks so much!!! Tony..

  • David Harris David Harris

    Forum tweak requests.

    Can we have the edit post time limit extended a few minutes more, I like to correct spelling mistakes etc, should be more careful I know but these thi..

  • Henk Henk

    Activating Banner-ad

    I want to display a banner-ad in the banner-section (next to the logo) but the space is occupied by #menubar menu, so when activating the banner-ad it..

  • Paul Paul

    DirectoryPress Countrys

    Hi in the directorypress is there a way to import a list of countrys instead of typing in one at a time, and if there is, does anybody know where i ca..

  • Brandon Brandon

    Menu Title Size and Center

    I do not like how there is a empty space at end on Right Side. How do I get rid of it...

  • James James

    RSS Still available

    Are RSS feeds of the forum threads still available? Jim..

  • Nico Nico

    Old Forum Posts

    Where can we find the old forum posts, they contain a lot of tips & tricks. Can’t do without it when i begin from scratch (again)...

  •  Wayne

    Products question

    Say I have a small and large item and I want to set up the pricing a small for $5 and a large for $10. How can I do that without adding each product s..

  • Brandon Brandon

    PHP Memory Limit

    I need to know what amount is best for my Memory Limit. I was told by my Hosting company, my max is 256. Should I set the limit to 256. Is there any r..

  •  Dirk

    Different design

    I would like to have only one side (_single.php) of a different design. how and where can I make the changes in the theme? For example no header or no..

  • Ian Ian

    Where to add profile picture?

    I know it’s there somewhere but I can’t find it…..

  • Andy Andy

    Jobs Section

    I’m looking for some help with coding on my site, unfortunately though, since the crash, the jobs section has gone. Can anybody recommend a solu..


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