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  • Richard Bonk Richard Bonk

    Business Plan – Why do you need one?

    As a business advisor, I have met many new and existing businesses and one thing that become apparent was that the successful businesses had a very st..

  • Adrian Adrian

    Ranomising featured listings on home page

    FAO: Mark Hi Mark, sorry to hear about the Database crash and well done for getting the site back up with this great updated look. I had a topic which..

  • Brandon Brandon

    Yoast WordPress SEO – Sub Categories

    I just noticed none of my Sub Categories have TITLES. Is this normal. Every other page has the TITLE..

  •  Aaron

    No photo option for customer submission

    When a customer goes to submit a coupon page it has no option to include a photo??? If they then go to manage my coupons their coupons don’t app..

  • Narender Kumar Narender Kumar

    Importance of background image

    Hello, Just want to ask you guys, by your experience what kind of a background image one should have. Plain color or an image. I know all are Big Dadd..

  •  Jason

    Where are the free Child themes?

    There used to be free child themes for download but I can’t find them anymore. What happened to them? I am looking for the magic roundabout chil..

  • Richard Bonk Richard Bonk

    Guide – What theme to use?

    I often find that many people are not clear on what theme to use for their website so I have decided to give little bit of clarification. DirectoryPre..

  • Richard Bonk Richard Bonk

    Add WP menus to sidebar

    The PremiumPress themes come with range of their own widgets, but unfortunately these might not offer the functionality some might require – one..

  • Clive Clive

    Automatic uploading of a photo – how did it happen?

    I have just entered someone’s details for them through the front end of my DirectoryPress website for them to register as a member. When I compl..

  • Danielle Danielle

    How do you emotionally connect to get listings?

    Hello everyone! I wanted to get your opinions- how do you emotionally connect with your users/businesses so that they take the step and sign up & ..

  • Paul Paul

    Claim Listing

    Hi I have directorypress and had a message from a user who wants to claim a listing. He said he tried but it wouldent let him claim it. What do I have..

  • Harry Harry

    Follow or nofollow links

    Can anyone inform me what the latest on follow or nofollow links is and which should be used in the current Penguin/Panda/Polar Bear or any animal beg..

  • Pablo Pablo

    Upgrade DP version to 7.1.4

    Hi! I actually have a site with DP 7.1.3. I want to upgrade it to DP 7.1.4 but I’m woried, because I’ve done a lot of changes in my site, ..

  • Mark Mark

    Customer Uploads

    Classified Theme – does anyone know where the PDF’s are supposed to display themselves? I am getting uploaded PDFs going to the proper fol..

  • Maria Leda Maria Leda

    half slider not showing font text

    My second slider does not show text. What is wrong? I adjust the font colors but it still doesn’t show..

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