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  • Youri Youri

    Mass Emailer- NEED HELP!

    Hi all, Man, I need a mass-emailer. I downloaded Send Blaster but not sure how to use it. Can you guys tell me what exactly is a “smtp” an..

  • Angel Angel

    How to Import data from Affiliates.. need help :(

    Hi guys. its meeh angel. I already import the amazon items. and now , im trying to import data from CLICKBANK. can i import 2 -3 affiliates at the sam..

  • Pablo Pablo

    How to hide or change theme name

    I am a “realtorpress” customer and was wondering how to hide or change the default “wp-content/themes/realtorpress” path in th..

  • Laurent Laurent

    Widget archives on DirectoryPress

    Hello Please, I would like to add a widget archives on my DirectoryPress (7.1.4), but I don’t find this solution in the menu. Thanks by advance ..

  • Curtis Curtis

    Suggestions for Custom Taxonomies and Categories

    I’m building a truck parts website right now. The end goal is for customers to select a year, make and model of truck. And then view the differe..

  • Richard Richard

    Price field problem

    I noticed that users of my classified site have problems with the price field. Instead of a price of 6,99 a price is often publiced as 699,00. I don&#..

  • Angel Angel

    LICENSE KEY CHANGE… but its INVALID KEY upon keying to installed themes

    Hi mark. email: I thought is a themes problem. so i download it today. but when i try to key the new LICENSE KEY. ‘Invalid l..

  • Andy Andy

    Templates & Multisite

    I’m running multisite, the themes I am using are DirectoryPress, EmployeePress & ClassifiedsPress. All three sites need to have the same app..

  •  Luis

    Blog – Error 404

    Hi Guys, I went to jump onto my blog segment of my website (previously working just fine) and my articles show up on the blog page, however when I go ..

  •  Jason

    my license key changed why?

    So I tried logging in today to PPress website (this one) and it said wrong login, so I reset my password and logged in. Then I went to my account and ..

  • Dean Dean

    As Admin I want to see all the messages sent between users

    Is this possible? And does it send a notification email to listing owners that they got a message?..

  • rozikin rozikin

    Additional Tab Display

    Hi, I have been using the only one “Tab Display” on the Active Home Page Objects. And I need to have additional one Tab. Any help please....

  •  Jason

    Grid based theme?

    I’d like to have my theme be grid based and not rely on the max of 3 columns. This way I can have content span as many columns as I want. Has an..

  • Danielle Danielle

    Business listing profile page tweak help

    Hello all, I wanted to ask- on the business listing profile page – how do i get rid of the drop shadow on the title? And How do I change the bac..

  • Andy Andy

    Installing themes to Multisite

    Hi, Can anyone one tell the simpliest way to install PP themes to my WordPress multisite. I have purchased the V.I.P theme package so have all the PP ..

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