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  •  Kevin

    Shop Child Theme Install Fails Under WordPress Version 4.7.1

    I have installed Shop theme with no issue. However, child theme fails with ‘Theme Contains No Files’. I have copied files via SFTP and att..

  •  Robert

    Footer July 2016 Theme

    Hi, I have deleted the footer-menu.php file as i am aware that by default the theme does not allow footers. Deleting this file works, the footer works..

  •  Lisa

    Use page builder to edit child theme home page?

    Hi, Is it possible to use the Page Builder functionality to edit a child theme home page? I want to use the header section of one of the child themes ..

  • Christopher Lee Christopher Lee

    Where can I get these child themes?

    Hi team, Happy New Year to you all! Just wondering where can I download these child themes – They look ..

  •  Lisa

    Can't edit home page content in Sept Dir 2016 child theme

    Hi, I’ve just installed Sept Dir 2016 child theme. When I try to update the text or banner image in Page Setup > Hompage: Edit page content, ..

  • Ratan Chandra Ratan Chandra

    Shop Child Theme not Installed

    Hi Mark, I’m going to install as well as tried to upload (by downloading from, but failed to installed the..

  •  Lisa

    Error when installing Sept Dir 2016 Child Theme

    Hi, I get this error when I try to install the Sept Directory 2016 child theme: Installation failed: The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BA..

  • Trishah Trishah

    Error in Child Theme

    I just installed the latest version of DirectoryPress and I’m trying to install the child theme: template_sep_2016 In General Setting, I tried t..

  • Angela Angela

    need help with small change in design =(

    Hi you all, i am here because i need to remove the blue square in the child theme. See image attached If someone could tell me what file and command t..

  • Ratan Chandra Ratan Chandra

    Error in Car Dealer Child Theme

    Hi, I’m going to install dealer child theme. it is installed but stay in default theme. I;m trying to install dealer s1 child theme, but the chi..

  • Dino Dino

    ShopperPress 7.1.4 Can't login any more Can’t login as admin any more. Reset password several times via PHPMyAdmin and still gives “..

  •  Gus

    Banner Links

    I am interested in adding links to the 3 images on the bottom of the S5 Child Theme for the shopper them and was wondering if that is possible...

  •  David

    Hooks do not work

    I just watched Mark Fail youtube video on filters and even after following his instruction it seems that i..

  • Bjørn Bjørn

    Wrong layout – Direcorypress 7.1.4 –> Directory Theme S1

    Hi I am struggling with this child theme install. There is no way Directory Theme S1 look like it should. When I installed it looks like the attachmen..

  •  Adrian

    child themes install fails

    when installing child themes in Micro Jobs get error message that folder already exists...


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