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  • Ann Ann

    Directory Responsive to 4.9-widget are missing

    I just updated the Responsive Directory theme to 4.9. The Widget area is not visible. Any thoughts?..

  • Tara Tara

    New Classified V4.8 update not working with child themes

    To fix a slider issue, I updated to the latest release of the Classified Responsive V4.8 theme. In the process, I lost my child theme and the design t..

  • Emanuele Emanuele

    can't get the language file

    Hello, I have uploaded the child theme, and i am using the 4.8 version, All works fine, but i can’t figure out how to install and how to name ot..

  • magdalena magdalena

    Creating a custom child theme

    Heya, having trouble with a custom child theme. Have a child theme called template_basic_MQ8, with style.css with the following code: /* Theme Name: M..

  • Alain Alain

    Problem with child theme installation

    I download the chop blue child theme for the shopping theme but when i set up the fluid layout in the dashboard….the site is no longer centered ..

  • Rahul Rahul

    magic roundabout child theme

    I am looking for the magic roundabout child theme. Please tell me where I can download it from...

  • Evangelas Evangelas

    Can't figure out how to use hook_footer to replace footer content

    I have already referenced!/hooks_layout. I am able to use hook_logo_wrapper to replace the content in the hea..

  • Rob Rob

    Any chance of the golf theme for Responsive?

    Hi, I was keen on the golf child theme that was avalable on classic premiumpress (see for one where I used it). Any chance of havi..

  • Clive Clive

    What do Child Themes contain?

    Is it just CSS, and thus affects layout, colours, fonts, etc. or is it more? In the new Responsive Themes, there is a Child Theme “Caesar”..

  • Darren Darren

    Mobile Menu

    I added the square business child theme, but it does not have a mobile menu. How do I add the mobile menu? I enabled it within the dashboard, however ..

  • Thomas Thomas

    Responsive DP Child Theme _header

    I can see how to create child themes by copying the template folder and making changes to the new template theme directory. Modifying the css gives mo..

  • Brent Brent

    How do I install Child Theme for Responsive DirectoryPress site?

    While trying to install the Lemisto Child Theme for my Responsive DirectoryPress Theme, I got the following error message >> ——̵..

  • Binesh Binesh

    Creating Child Themes

    Hello, I tried to create a child theme for my directorypress website (Version 4.1 – responsive) after watching the video tutorial on http://www.prem..

  • Brent Brent

    Accessing child theme layout styles

    When I viewed this Child Theme DEMO > I saw many style options on this page..

  • Praveen Praveen

    How to make header and footer of child theme fluid

    How to make couponpress child theme or default theme header and footer to fluid. And the middle content to fixed one...


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